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You are invited to gain a better understanding of today's crucial events--and what they'll mean for tomorrow--through the pages of Current History, the oldest US publication devoted exclusively to international affairs.

Since 1914, Current History has helped make sense of the most pressing global trends. Each issue focuses on a specific region or special topic, offering perspective and insight like no other journal.

Current History subscribers receive:

  • Get Instant Online Access Nine issues per year of Current History, featuring authoritative but readable analysis by top experts such as Michael McFaul, David Shambaugh, Selig Harrison, Anatol Lieven, Joshua Muravchik, Jessica Stern, and Shibley Telhami.
  • On-line access, offering the opportunity to browse or download articles from past issues and to read the most current issue immediately upon its release. Print subscription for only $10 more annually.
  • Unique, single-topic issues that provide annual coverage of China and East Asia, Russia, the Middle East, Latin America, South Asia, Europe, and Africa.
  • Special coverage of cutting-edge concerns, such as terrorism and nuclear proliferation, the rise of China and India, and America's changing role in the world.
  • In each issue, the "Month in Review," a chronological roundup of major international events, country by country, day by day.
  • Every year, an annual overview of the international outlook, including a report card that assesses global trends.

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