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Current History is an independent journal of contemporary international affairs. Its principal aim is to provide in-depth analysis of foreign affairs by leading scholars, policy makers, and journalists, written for a general audience.

Current History’s editors commission and solicit most of the articles that appear in the magazine. However, we do welcome and will review submissions. Current History can only accept submissions of unpublished manuscripts that are not being considered by other publications.

Authors should take note of Current History’s format and publishing schedule and should direct their queries and submissions accordingly. Current History publishes nine times per year, with each issue focused on a specific region or topic.

Every year the magazine produces distinct issues on the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, China and East Asia, Europe, Russia and Eurasia, and South and Southeast Asia. In addition, occasional special-topic issues have included coverage of subjects such as nuclear arms, US foreign policy, women in the world, the “rise of Asia,” political Islam, and terrorism. Each January is devoted to an overview of global trends for the year. Generally, we do not publish articles outside the realm of the region or topic covered in each issue.

Because Current History reaches a general audience, we prefer articles that are free of academic jargon and hyper-technical prose. We generally do not publish footnotes.

We prefer to receive manuscripts as Microsoft Word documents attached to emails. We will accept paper submissions as well, but cannot return them to their authors.

Articles normally do not exceed 5,000 words in length.

When you submit your manuscript, please also include a CV, including your current title and institutional affiliation, address and contact information, and any recent or forthcoming publications.

Manuscripts may be submitted by email to:

Paper manuscripts may be mailed to:

Current History
Attention: Editors
4225 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127, USA

Current History’s policy is to own copyright for all published contributions. However, authors retain rights to republish this material in other works written or edited by themselves, subject to full acknowledgement of the original source of publication.

If you have any questions, feel free to send an email query to:

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