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February 2000
The Hall of Mirrors: The Internet in Latin America
by Ricardo Gomez
Latin American Internet users, like those in the developed world, "may be merely surfing the labyrinth of the Library of Babel dreamt by Borges: a library in which the contents matter far less than the apparent infinity of its holdings."

February 2000
Guatemala's Precarious Peace
by David Holiday
"The Guatemalan peace process will ultimately be considered successful if it contributes to reconciliation among the many participants in the armed conflict. . . . While international human rights norms and institutions clearly support uncovering the truth about Guatemala's bloody past, such inquiries call into question the fundamental structures of military, political, and economic power in Guatemala."

January 2000
Bouteflika and Algeria's Path from Revolt to Reconciliation
by Robert Mortimer
"Balancing the role of the army against the grievances of civil society," Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Algeria's new president, is "apparently in charge of a process of national reconciliation that may finally allow Algeria to address the social and economic needs that a decade of political turbulence and violence has made even more urgent."

January 2000
The Coming Transformation in the Muslim World
by Dale F. Eickelman
"Buzzwords such as "fundamentalism" and catchy phrases such as Samuel Huntington's "West versus the rest". . .obscure or even distort the immense spiritual and intellectual ferment that is taking place today among the world's nearly 1 billion Muslims."

January 2000
The Middle East's Information Revolution
by Jon B. Alterman
"It may be some time before the Internet becomes firmly entrenched in much of the Middle East. The obstacles to adoption, especially with the current technology, appear significant. But the information revolution has already arrived in the Middle East, and it poses significant challenges for the status quo."

January 2000
Women's Rights in Kuwait: Bringing in the Last Bedouins?
by Mary Ann Tetreault
"The defeat [of legislation that would grant women political rights] is a stark measure of the distrust that pervades government-parliament relations, and of the inability of Kuwaiti governing institutions to rise above patterns of conflict that have poisoned national political life for many years."

January 2000
Turkey's Fault Lines and the Crisis of Kemalism
by M. Hakan Yavuz and Mujeeb R. Khan
"Kemalism has been superficially Western in form while remaining rigidly authoritarian and dogmatic in substance. It continues to stress republicanism over democracy, homogeneity over difference, the military over the civilian, and the state over society. . . . Its quixotic quest to radically recast Turkish culture, history, and identity has ensured a permanent kulturkampf against society."

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