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May 2018
The End of the Mugabe Era in Zimbabwe
by Sara Rich Dorman
“Zimbabwe’s politics continues to be driven by a generation that defines itself in terms of its contribution to the liberation war and remains committed to defending that legacy.”

May 2018
The Roots of the Anglophone Problem: Language and Politics in Cameroon
by Eric A. Anchimbe
“[T]he intertwined nature of language, politics, and identity permeates the nation, its institutions, and the public and private lives of its citizens.”

May 2018
European Missteps on Controlling African Migration
by Nicole Hirt
“In the long run, a policy whose main focus is on improving so-called border management in countries that are known to trample human rights and disrespect the rule of law cannot be successful.”

May 2018
Climate Adaptation and Water Scarcity in Southern Africa
by Gina Ziervogel
“Adaptation is only going to get more challenging as changes in the climate intensify, combining with the effects of rapid urbanization and the persistently high levels of poverty and inequality in Africa.” Eighth in a series on climate adaptation around the world.

May 2018
Another Disputed Election Batters Kenya’s Institutions
by K. Ochieng’ Opalo
“[T]he conflicts surrounding the 2017 elections severely eroded the integrity of democracy in Kenya.”

May 2018
Perspective: A Fresh Start for South Africa?
by Xolela Mangcu
Cyril Ramaphosa, the new president, needs to restore public confidence in a ruling party eroded by the corruption associated with his predecessor, Jacob Zuma. Here are some ideas he could try.

May 2018
Books: The Nature of Chinese Capital in Africa
by Scott D. Taylor
A new study of Chinese projects in one African nation offers a nuanced picture of a distinct type of state-led foreign investment often caricatured as a rapacious new form of imperialism.

May 2018
The Month in Review: March 2018
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in March, country by country, day by day.

May 2018
Map of Africa
by the editors of Current History

April 2018
The Struggle for Control of Pakistan’s Fragile Democracy
by Umair Javed
“While Sharif’s disqualification was certainly not as egregious as an outright coup or any other extraconstitutional intervention, the nature and process of his removal amounts to another setback for democracy in Pakistan.”

April 2018
Bangladesh Copes With the Rohingya Crisis By Itself
by Navine Murshid
“Bangladesh has neither the military nor the diplomatic power to force a solution on Myanmar.”

April 2018
Nepal’s Towering Climate Adaptation Challenges
by Andrea J. Nightingale
“Clearly, Nepalis have to adapt to climate change. It is less clear what precisely the challenges are and who is best positioned to lead the response.” Seventh in a series on climate adaptation around the world.

April 2018
China’s South Asian Miscalculation
by Raffaello Pantucci
“Beijing’s miscalculations regarding India have created conflict with a regional power that has the capability and desire to disrupt China’s outward push.”

April 2018
Perspective: Rising Religious Intolerance in South Asia
by Neeti Nair
Whether in India, Pakistan, or Myanmar, governments have failed to protect minorities, and too often politicians have pandered to agitators stirring up sectarian hatred.

April 2018
Books: India’s Turbulent Ascent
by Sumit Ganguly
India has emerged onto the global stage after decades of adherence to strategic nonalignment and protectionist trade rules limited its influence. But triumphalism is premature.

April 2018
Books: Living the Pious Dream in Lahore
by Joshua Lustig
A rising middle class in Pakistan is striving to reconcile aspirations for a modern lifestyle with a desire for a deeper embrace of Islam as a guide to everyday ethics.

April 2018
From the Archives: India’s Economic Liberalization; Pakistan at Fifty
by Shalendra D. Sharma and Samina Ahmed
Excerpts from Current History essays on major milestones, published two decades ago.

April 2018
The Month in Review: February 2018
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in February, country by country, day by day.

April 2018
Map of South Asia
by the editors of Current History

March 2018
The Stillbirth of the Catalan Republic
by Diego Muro
“Legality and legitimacy must be reconciled to address political disaffection and find a more stable accommodation for Catalonia within Spain.”

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