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February 2019
Hurricane Maria’s Aftermath: Redefining Puerto Rico’s Colonial Status?
by Pedro Cabán
“Hurricane Maria laid bare the painful reality that Puerto Rico is an inconsequential American territory inhabited by second-class US citizens.”

February 2019
Return Migration and Social Mobility in Mexico
by Jacqueline Maria Hagan and Joshua T. Wassink
“[L]abor-market reintegration is a complex and uneven process for return migrants.” Sixth in a series on social mobility around the world.

February 2019
The Regional Response to the Venezuelan Exodus
by Luisa Feline Freier and Nicolas Parent
“[T]he Venezuelan displacement crisis is a crucial test of the liberal immigration policies that have been adopted across Latin America.”

February 2019
Ortega Faces a New Nicaraguan Opposition Movement
by Courtney Desiree Morris
“The heterogeneity and decentralized character of the protest movement is proving to be its greatest strength and weakness.”

February 2019
From Truth Commission to Post-Truth Politics in Brazil
by Rebecca J. Atencio
“A central feature of Bolsonaro’s pro-dictatorship campaign stance was the promise it represented of a return to the old social order and traditional values.”

February 2019
Perspective: Heat But Little Light: Peru’s Memory Debates
by Alberto Vergara
Peruvians are bitterly divided over how—or even whether—the terrible violence that engulfed the country in the 1980s and ’90s should be remembered.

February 2019
Books: Colombia’s Other Dangerous Crop
by Ulrich Oslender
An idiosyncratic, literary-minded anthropologist returns to Colombia to observe the effects of the palm oil boom on a rural village under the shadow of paramilitary violence.

February 2019
The Month in Review: December 2018
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in December, country by country, day by day.

February 2019
Map of Latin America
by the editors of Current History

January 2019
The Hidden Power of the New Economic Sanctions
by Joy Gordon
“Recent years have seen increasing sophistication in the sanctions that do the greatest damage to critical networks or functions of a target country’s economy and infrastructure.”

January 2019
Precision Medicine Needs a Cure for Inequality
by Barbara Prainsack
“This new way of thinking about health and disease has tangible implications for when and how health-care interventions are set in motion—and for how people are expected to manage their lives.”

January 2019
New Middle Classes Reshape the Developing World
by Frank-Borge Wietzke
“Political conflicts can flare up when new, increasingly vocal lower-middle-income groups enter the political arena and when this threatens the advantaged positions of established middle classes.” Fifth in a series on social mobility around the world.

January 2019
Can Labor Immigration Work for Refugees?
by Martin Ruhs
“New policy designs will need to have an explicit dual purpose, combining the objectives of labor migration and humanitarian protection.”

January 2019
Europe and Japan Try to Stave Off Global Disorder
by Edward A. Fogarty and Gene Park
“[D]o the EU and Japan have the capabilities and resolve to save the global multilateral order—and save themselves?”

January 2019
Perspective: As the Stakes Rise, Climate Action Loses Momentum
by Joshua Busby
Backsliding on the Paris Agreement by the United States and others is steering the globe down a dangerous path toward runaway climate change.

January 2019
Books: Terrestrial Thinking
by Joshua Lustig
A prominent philosopher of science calls for a radical political realignment to confront the existential threat posed by the climate crisis.

January 2019
The Month in Review: November 2018
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in November, country by country, day by day.

January 2019
Global Refugee Numbers at an All-Time High
by the editors of Current History

December 2018
The Hard Road Ahead for Syrian Reconstruction
by Faten Ghosn
“[R]econstruction projects have already gotten underway in some parts of the country, such as those occupied by Turkey, while others have been without basic services for years.”

December 2018
Southern Discontent Spurs an Iraqi Protest Movement
by Zahra Ali and Safaa Khalaf
“The security and military apparatus that was trained, armed, and strengthened in the fight against the Islamic State is now being used to repress political activism against the Iraqi regime.”

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