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December 2018
The Hard Road Ahead for Syrian Reconstruction
by Faten Ghosn
“[R]econstruction projects have already gotten underway in some parts of the country, such as those occupied by Turkey, while others have been without basic services for years.”

December 2018
Southern Discontent Spurs an Iraqi Protest Movement
by Zahra Ali and Safaa Khalaf
“The security and military apparatus that was trained, armed, and strengthened in the fight against the Islamic State is now being used to repress political activism against the Iraqi regime.”

December 2018
How to Interpret ISIS’s Heritage Destruction
by Benjamin Isakhan
“Far from being senseless acts perpetrated by barbarous savages, ISIS’s heritage destruction has been carefully staged and sends clear and deliberate messages.”

December 2018
Convergence and Competition Among the New Turkish Middle Classes
by Erol Balkan and Ahmet Öncü
“The AKP’s neoliberal regime created the ideology and conditions for transformative change in Turkey’s new upper-middle-class culture, which trickled down to both the laic and Islamic middle-class factions.” Fourth in a series on social mobility around the world.

December 2018
Sisi Builds a Green Zone for Egypt
by Michele Dunne
“By 2018, most Egyptians who had played important roles in public life between the mid-2000s and the 2013 coup were either in prison or in exile abroad in what amounted to a massive brain drain.”

December 2018
Perspective: Trump’s Reckless Middle East Gambles
by Shibley Telhami
Unilateral decisions to scupper the Iran nuclear deal and move the US embassy to Jerusalem could have dangerous consequences that the president’s inexperienced advisers failed to anticipate.

December 2018
Books: The Libyan Unraveling
by Alison Pargeter
After intervening to help topple an eccentric dictator in 2011, the United States and its allies have stood aside and watched as rival militias tear apart a country lacking civil institutions.

December 2018
The Month in Review: October 2018
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in October, country by country, day by day.

December 2018
2018 Current History Index
by the editors of Current History

December 2018
Map of Middle East
by the editors of Current History

November 2018
Economic Wishful Thinking and the Democratic Crisis
by Jacqueline Best
“Politicians proved unwilling to do the hard work of challenging vested interests and convincing electorates of the need for more profound reforms in the aftermath of the crisis.”

November 2018
The Great Recession and the Destruction of Minority Wealth
by Douglas S. Massey and Jacob S. Rugh
“In the course of the Great Recession, already fragile black and Hispanic middle-class households lost huge amounts of wealth, which had often been painstakingly accumulated over many decades.” Third in a series on social mobility around the world.

November 2018
The Great Recession’s Lasting Impact on Labor
by Chris Tilly
“[G]iven paltry real wages and the soul-crushing and skill-devaluing experience of long-term unemployment, fewer Americans are working at all.”

November 2018
The Cost of Austerity Policies for Public Health
by Aaron Reeves
“[S]hort-term policy changes can have long-term effects on the health and well-being of the population.”

November 2018
Post-Crisis Political Change in Western Europe
by Julia Lynch and Jonathan Hopkin
“[T]he financial crisis can be best understood as the final catastrophic stage of a process of dismantling the protective institutions that made Western European capitalism politically sustainable...”

November 2018
Perspective: The Upside of a Messier Global Financial Architecture
by Ilene Grabel
At least one good thing may have emerged from the crisis: new international lending institutions led by developing nations are challenging and complementing the old US-dominated regime.

November 2018
Books: A Secret History of the Crash?
by Harold James
A new account of the 2008 crisis and the turbulent decade that followed shows how global capitalism’s self-inflicted wounds accelerated major geopolitical realignments.

November 2018
The Month in Review: September 2018
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in September, country by country, day by day.

November 2018
Lagging Wages
by the editors of Current History

October 2018
Is Putinism the Russian Norm or an Aberration?
by Michael McFaul
“Policies chosen by Putin, not innate forces of history, culture, or tradition, pushed Russia in a more autocratic direction...”

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