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Rethinking Criminal Justice

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November 2019
The Swinging Pendulum of Police Reform in the Americas
by Yanilda María González
“The role of exercising the state’s coercive authority makes the police both an instrument of power and a formidable political actor whose cooperation is needed by politicians.”

November 2019
How Inmates Help Run Philippine Prisons
by Clarke Jones and Raymund Narag
“Prison officers and inmates reconcile tensions between formal and informal policies, rules, and practices.”

November 2019
Decriminalization and the Dilemmas of Regulating Prostitution
by Susan Dewey
“The same inequalities of sex, race, and class that pervade all aspects of life are particularly pronounced in the regulation of prostitution.”

November 2019
US Immigration Law Enforcement in the ICE Era
by Tanya Golash-Boza
“When the local police cooperate with immigration authorities, arrest on suspicion of any crime can lead to deportation.”

November 2019
The Death Penalty’s Continued Decline
by David T. Johnson and Franklin E. Zimring
“The vast majority of the world’s judicial executions occur in a handful of nations.”

November 2019
Perspective: Lessons on the Drug War from an Enemy
by Maziyar Ghiabi
Iran has largely abandoned its hard-line policies and now treats drug abuse as a public health problem. Why is it so hard for other nations to renounce their costly embrace of prohibition?

November 2019
Books: Time to Rein in the Prosecutors?
by Lisa L. Miller
An expert makes a detailed case for criminal justice reform, yet offers few answers for the kind of violent crime wave that led to the era of mass incarceration—and ravages minority communities.

November 2019
The Month in Review: September 2019
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in September, country by country, day by day.

November 2019
US Violent Crime and Imprisonment Rates
by the editors of Current History

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