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The Crisis of Liberalism

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November 2017
The Liberal World Order Loses Its Leader
by Mlada Bukovansky
“[T]he United States is voluntarily abdicating much of its global leadership role. And it is doing so in what appears to be a fit of petulance, as though it has been aggrieved and made into a victim by the very international order it helped to build.”

November 2017
Why the American Center Held—and Then Fell Apart
by Jennifer Delton
“What was remarkable about the era of liberal consensus was not just its relative economic equality, but also the widespread, bipartisan, cross-class agreement about the nature of politics and government.”

November 2017
The Liberal International Economic Order on the Brink
by Kristen Hopewell
“[W]hat Trump has done so far represents an intensification and deepening of existing patterns of US behavior in the trading system rather than a fundamental change.”

November 2017
Trump and the Retreat from Human Rights
by Omar G. Encarnación
“Despite a storied history, the human rights movement … has not fared well in the twenty-first century.”

November 2017
Can Democracies Learn from China’s Meritocratic System?
by Daniel A. Bell
“By learning from aspects of imperfect meritocratic systems, including Chinese-style political meritocracy, democratic systems can improve their performance and buttress their legitimacy.”

November 2017
Perspective: Has Inequality Led to a Crisis for Liberalism?
by Jeffrey Edward Green
The growing wealth gap has eroded support for liberal democracy by exposing its unfulfilled egalitarian promises. A renewal of civic obligations could be the best defense against creeping plutocracy.

November 2017
Books: The Impoverished Rhetoric of the US Welfare State
by Kimberly J. Morgan
A new book lays blame for the weak social safety net on political rhetoric that justifies government aid as an individual right and not a public good—a tradition that dates back to the New Deal.

November 2017
The Month in Review: September 2017
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in September, country by country, day by day.

November 2017
Liberal Democracy and Inequality
by the editors of Current History
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