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Latin America

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February 2000
The Enigmatic Guerrilla: FARC's Manuel Marulanda
by Andres Cala
"Manuel Marulanda, the head of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, may become the unlikely head of the first leftist guerrilla movement to achieve success in the post-cold war era. . . . "

February 2000
Democracy and Its Discontents in Fujimori's Peru
by David Scott Palmer
"The government and its supporters have concluded that Peru's continued success depends on continuity at the presidential helm. Opponents believe that five more years of President Alberto Fujimori is a recipe for disaster."

February 2000
Demystifying Venezuela's Hugo Chávez
by Jennifer L. McCoy
"The challenge for the [Chávez] administration is to devise a way to include dissenting voices and respect minority views while still carrying out the changes desired by the Venezuelan people. The alternative is a tyranny of the majority in the name of revolutionary change."

February 2000
The Hall of Mirrors: The Internet in Latin America
by Ricardo Gomez
Latin American Internet users, like those in the developed world, "may be merely surfing the labyrinth of the Library of Babel dreamt by Borges: a library in which the contents matter far less than the apparent infinity of its holdings."

February 2000
Guatemala's Precarious Peace
by David Holiday
"The Guatemalan peace process will ultimately be considered successful if it contributes to reconciliation among the many participants in the armed conflict. . . . While international human rights norms and institutions clearly support uncovering the truth about Guatemala's bloody past, such inquiries call into question the fundamental structures of military, political, and economic power in Guatemala."

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