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The Future of Capitalism

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November 2013
Capitalism Reinvents Itself
by Joel Mokyr
“The economics of a world of information and automation is radically different from that of a world of wheat, steel, and railroads.”

November 2013
The Future of European Capitalism
by Barry Eichengreen
"It almost seems as if the European economic model is continuously experiencing an existential crisis."

November 2013
Bailing Out Capitalism
by Kathryn C. Lavelle
“[F]or the democratic political and capitalist economic systems to survive, a government’s response to a crisis must rise above the interests of one class alone. Widespread social unrest signals the need to reformulate the regulatory order.”

November 2013
Rethinking Sustainable Development
by Sharachchandra Lele
“The challenge for sustainable development thinking is to bring . . . somewhat disparate perspectives into at least a dialogue, if not a convergence.”

November 2013
Property Rights and Power
by Terra Lawson-Remer
“[C]apitalist growth has often been built on the expropriation of valuable resources from powerless, marginalized groups, and the reallocation of these resources to more politically powerful, and sometimes more economically productive, new owners.”

November 2013
Perspective: The Great Enrichment Continues
by Deirdre Nansen McCloskey
Capitalism has raised living standards worldwide by a thousandfold. Societies that respect innovation and entrepreneurship can expect more of the same.

November 2013
Books: Can Central Bankers Save the World?
by William W. Finan, Jr.
A new book by Neil Irwin recounts the extraordinary measures undertaken by central bankers to avert a global depression. The formula to end economic malaise, however, remains undiscovered.

November 2013
The Month in Review
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in September 2013, country by country, day by day.

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