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Governing The Globe

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November 2010
A Crisis of Global Governance?
by G. John Ikenberry
“The rise of newly powerful states and the growth in security interdependence are creating pressures for the reform of global governance.”

November 2010
Intensive Care for the United Nations
by Thomas G. Weiss
“A gap is steadily growing between the major challenges facing the planet and the ability of international decision-making processes to deal with them. . . .”

November 2010
Diffuse Threats, Frail Institutions: Managing Security in the New Era
by Bates Gill
“For the near to medium term, the international community likely will confront the consequences of weaker global security governance in an increasingly insecure world.”

November 2010
America, the Ambivalent Leader
by Christopher S. Chivvis
“Global governance still requires leadership that articulates a constructive, practical vision for international cooperation.”

November 2010
How to Reform the IMF
by Randall W. Stone
“The ongoing shift in the distribution of global financial power could come just in time to revitalize the IMF and other major international financial institutions.”

November 2010
Turbulence in the Climate Regime
by Stephen Peake
“The global climate change regime . . . . was once considered an elegant, ground-breaking area of multinational environmental law [but] is now looking decidedly complex, increasingly weary, and, to some, unfit for its purpose.”

November 2010
Perspective: Does the WTO Need to Change?
by Jeffrey J. Schott
The World Trade Organization is in disrepair. To fix it, and thereby boost global trade liberalization, nations must first successfully conclude the Doha Round of talks.

November 2010
The Month in Review
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in September 2010, country by country, day by day.

November 2010
Global Governance Snapshot
by the editors of Current History
A table showing nations' involvement in international organizations.

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