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Global Trends

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January 2008
Global Progress Report, 2008
by Alan Sorensen and Lucien Crowder
Global Progress Report, 2008

January 2008
Stewardship for a “Full” World
by Robert Costanza
"The mainstream model of development . . . is based on a number of assumptions [that] emerged during a period—the early industrial revolution—when the world was still relatively empty of humans and their built infrastructure."

January 2008
The New Face of Development
by Carol Lancaster
"As the traditional development challenge of reducing poverty is increasingly met, a new challenge for the twenty-first century emerges: that of ensuring a livable, peaceful, and prosperous world."

January 2008
The Persistence of Political Theology
by Mark Lilla
"A unique theological-political crisis within Christianity opened up the path the West has taken. We have little reason to assume other civilizations will necessarily follow it."

December 2006
Global Progress Report, 2007
by Editors of Current History
Global Progress Report

December 2006
America, Islam, and the 9-11 War
"The 9-11 War will not be won through any territorial conquest or individual's capture. It will only end in the realm of perceptions. . . ."

December 2006
From the War on Terror to Global Counterinsurgency
"Not only is Al Qaeda alive and kicking, but it is still actively planning, supporting, and perhaps even directing terrorist attacks on a global canvas."

December 2006
The Art of Adaptation: Globalization and the European Model
"However well the European economy may have performed in the past, there are reasons to worry about whether it can keep pace in a world of accelerating technical change and global competition led by the rise of India and China."

December 2006
For Poor Countries’ Youth, Dashed Hopes Signal Danger Ahead
Where the youth bulge is expanding in low-income countries . . . , the levels of frustration and conflict are certain to rise. The urgent question facing the developing world is how to improve young people's job prospects now."

December 2006
Energy Security: The New Threats in Latin America and Africa
"The energy dependency of the United States and its allies in Europe and Asia, combined with the growing dependence of rising powers such as China and India, is rapidly eroding American power and influence around the world."

December 2005
Requiem for the Bush Doctrine
"The Iraq War has revealed that the armed forces possess nothing like the depth required to implement a policy of preventive war on a sustained basis."

December 2005
The Decline of American Soft Power
"Anti-Bush administration sentiment, which developed between 2002 and 2004, has mutated and strengthened into a broader anti-Americanism."

December 2005
Controlling Global Corruption: Are We There Yet?
"Neoliberal reforms do not so much end corruption as privatize it."

December 2005
Grand Goals, Modest Results: The UN in Search of Reform
Washington resists linking the political and military issues that Americans understand as 'security' with the economic and social issues arising from the deep poverty prevalent in four-fifths of the world's nations. Others think the linkage is obvious."

December 2005
The “Greenless” Response to Global Warming
"Rather than working with other leaders to modify the Kyoto Protocol, President Bush has devised his own haphazard alternative, the "Clear Skies Initiative." . . . [which] calls for voluntary compliance in reducing emissions."

December 2004
The Global Liberal Order: A Progress Report
by Alan Sorensen
"As 2005 nears, the state of the world is such that desperation shadows the lives of hundreds of millions of people, yet most of them yearn for the security, freedom, and goods that citizens of affluent democracies enjoy."

December 2004
Current History's Global Progress Report
How is the world doing? A report card on the past year's major trends.

December 2004
Democracy's Sobering State
by Thomas Carothers
"Democracy still occupies the high ground in the world. . . . Yet, just a few years into the new century, the grand hope that it will prove the age of democracy's global triumph appears far more tenuous than it seemed just 10 or 15 years ago."

December 2004
Out-of-Step Policies Threaten Global Growth
by Barry Eichengreen and Yung Chul Park
"Constructive adjustments in the monetary and fiscal policy mix in Asia, the United States, and Europe would be an important step toward a healthier world economy."

December 2004
Al Qaeda and the War on Terrorism: An Update
by Bruce Hoffman
"More than three years into the global war on terrorism, the United States has no clear policy. It lacks, in turn, a sharp and well-formed strategy . . . to direct its efforts through the coming phases of what will likely prove a long struggle."

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