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March 2015

Europe’s Tragic Political Economy
by Erik Jones
“[T]he deeper problem is that European policy makers emphasize consensus over solidarity, pay more attention to principle than to interdependence, and weaken common institutions. . . .”

“Crisis” and Reality in European Immigration Policy
by Adam Luedtke
“[N]ationalism drives public impulses to crack down on immigration, yet the only effective way to increase immigration control is to cooperate with other nations—that is, by pooling resources and sovereignty. . . .”

Hungary’s Illiberal Democracy
by Abby Innes
“Hungarian political and economic stresses over the past 25 years have been in many ways a magnified version of those afflicting Western Europe.”

Europe’s Embers of Nationalism
by Brendan O’Leary
“There are dangerous sparks and embers of national, ethnic, and cultural conflict throughout the continent, capable of causing new conflicts and reanimating old ones, but they are mostly subdued by historical standards.” Sixth in a series on resurgent nationalism around the world.

The New Russian Chill in the Baltic
by Mark Kramer
“Nearly every senior official in Poland and the Baltic countries expressed great unease. Political leaders and military commanders in the region increasingly warned that Putin was intent on undermining NATO’s resolve to protect their countries.”

Perspective: Germany Rethinks Its Role in the World
by Hans Kundnani
Even as Berlin has taken a central role in the eurozone and Ukraine crises, Germans continue to debate whether their foreign policy should go beyond the imperatives of “geo-economic” power.

Books: Which Way Out?
by Jan-Werner Müller
In his new book, the German sociologist Claus Offe analyzes the vicious circles of the Eurocrisis with unrivaled precision. Like others, though, his policy prescriptions tend toward unrealistic hopes.

The Month in Review: January 2015
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in January, country by country, day by day.

Map of Europe
by the editors of Current History

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