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February 2017

The Challenges of Formalizing Labor in Latin America
by Matthew E. Carnes
“The most important question concerning labor in Latin American today is how … to achieve a meaningful incorporation of all citizens of working age and ability in the workforce.” Fifth in a series on labor relations around the world.

Chile’s Elites Face Demands for Reform
by Jennifer Pribble
“The challenge for Chile is to ensure that policy making and governance are democratized further.”

Indigenous Empowerment in Evo Morales’s Bolivia
by John Crabtree
“The Morales administration sought to give indigenous peoples more rights and greater influence in government, effectively breaking down traditional patterns of exclusion.”

Venezuela’s Manmade Disaster
by Michael M. McCarthy
“The deterioration of Venezuelan democracy that precipitated Chávez’s rise and then worsened under his rule has devolved into a turn toward outright authoritarianism under Maduro.”

Haiti’s ‘Republic of NGOs’
by Mark Schuller
“NGOs and other foreign entities took control of the humanitarian response to the 2010 earthquake, creating parallel structures that contributed to the very duplication and state weaknesses that NGOs were supposed to solve.”

Perspective: The Difficult Road to Peace in Colombia
by Eduardo Posada-Carbó
Negotiations to settle a long-running guerrilla conflict finally produced an agreement, which voters promptly rejected. Now that the government has pushed through the pact anyway, will it stick?

Books: Chronicles of Everyday Lawlessness
by Sonja Wolf
A vivid account of the criminal violence ravaging Central America shows why many migrants have fled to the United States—and how Washington’s policies are deeply implicated in their plight.

Month in Review: December 2016
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in December, country by country, day by day.

Map of Latin America
by the editors of Current History

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