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April 2014

India’s Changing Political Fortunes
by Ronojoy Sen
“[T]he principal opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), seems much better positioned than the Indian National Congress to win power in this year’s elections.”

Is the US Drone War Effective?
by Michael J. Boyle
“Particularly in Afghanistan and Pakistan, drones have stirred up new levels of hostility against the United States and endangered the stability and cooperation of the local governments, with potential long-term consequences for the stability of the South Asian region.”

The Struggle for Women’s Empowerment in India
by Indrani Bagchi
“As more women get educated and move to the cities, they become the face of a society in transition. Tragically, they also become targets in the conflict that accompanies this transition.”

A Crisis of Democracy in Bangladesh
by Ali Riaz
“If the ruling party continues to marginalize the opposition, deny it the space for peaceful protest, and disregard the need for a political roadmap for moving forward, it will encourage extremists to take over.”

Indian Soft Power in a Globalizing World
by T.V. Paul
“Contemporary India’s key values and institutions hold great promise for managing multiethnic societies, especially in the developing world.” Seventh in a series on soft power around the world.

Perspective: Sri Lanka’s Lingering State of War
by Sharika Thiranagama
Civil war ended in mass slaughter five years ago. Since then, the militarization of Sri Lankan society has intensified, and violence against civilians continues.

Books: The Pathological Alliance
by Sumit Ganguly
In his new book, Husain Haqqani dissects the mutual delusions that have long shaped the dysfunctional relationship between Pakistan and the United States.

The Month in Review: February 2014
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in February, country by country, day by day.

Map of South Asia
by the editors of Current History

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