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October 2018

Is Putinism the Russian Norm or an Aberration?
by Michael McFaul
“Policies chosen by Putin, not innate forces of history, culture, or tradition, pushed Russia in a more autocratic direction...”

Stalled Social Mobility in Post-Soviet Russia
by Theodore P. Gerber
“The fall of the Soviet Union sparked hopes that a Russian middle class would emerge and thrive, but so far it has not.” Second in a series on social mobility around the world.

Ukraine’s Emerging Security State
by Serhiy Kudelia
“The increasing vibrancy of civil society had become a serious political threat to the authorities.”

Armenia’s Unfinished Revolution
by Armine Ishkanian
“The revolution … ended the hopelessness, apathy, and indifference that had come to characterize the post-Soviet period.”

Uzbekistan Emerges from Karimov’s Shadow
by Russell Zanca
“[L]abor migration brought the country to a point of no return: millions of the poorest Uzbeks could no longer be cut off from the rest of the world...”

Perspective: China’s Old and New Central Asian Ties
by Diana Ibañez-Tirado and Magnus Marsden
Beijing’s ambitious Belt and Road Initiative is modernizing ancient patterns of commerce across the region, but small-scale traders may be left behind.

Books: The Kremlin and the Thieves’ World
by Nancy Ries
A definitive history of organized crime in Russia shows how political leaders have long used gangsters to serve the state’s purposes.

The Month in Review: August 2018
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in August, country by country, day by day.

Map of Russia and Eurasia
by the editors of Current History

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