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October 2017

The Empire that Dared Not Speak Its Name: Making Nations in the Soviet State
by Ronald Grigor Suny
“The Soviet Union was an empire within which nations old and new developed, changed, and eventually became self-sufficient enough to opt out.”

The Revolutionary Roots of Russian Foreign Policy
by Jeremy Friedman
“Russia continues to be caught between a need to integrate itself into the West and a desire to maintain its independence from the West.”

Everyday Life in Ukraine’s War Zone
by Greta Uehling
“Violence is woven into the stream of consciousness as terrible and normal at the same time.”

The Russian Orthodox Church’s Conservative Crusade
by Kristina Stoeckl
“The Russian Orthodox Church has emerged as a powerful force for cultural, social, and political conservatism.”

Climate Change Adaptation and Traditional Cultures in Northern Russia
by Susan Crate
“Northern Russia’s physical vulnerability to climate change is at best severe, considering the underlying permafrost and the threat that warming presents to that foundation.” Second in a series on climate adaptation around the world.

Perspective: A Perfect Storm: American Media, Russian Propaganda
by Sarah Oates
The Russian state-sponsored campaign to spread disinformation abroad has found fertile ground in the United States, thanks to upheaval in the news media and politicians’ denigration of the press.

Books: Broken Ties in the Ferghana Valley
by Marianne Kamp
An anthropologist with long ties to a border town in Central Asia watched as nationalist sentiment turned what had been an informal boundary into a hard divide between erstwhile neighbors.

The Month in Review: August 2017
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in August, country by country, day by day.

Map of Russia and Eurasia
by the editors of Current History

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