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March 2020

The Tragedy of Central European University
by Ferenc Laczó
“The splendid new campus in downtown Budapest will in all likelihood feel eerily quiet in the coming years—a forcibly abandoned cathedral that was devoted to our precarious belief in an open and argumentative future.”

The Ambiguous Legacy of the Balkan War Crimes Tribunal
by Marko Attila Hoare
“[T]he historical record remains bitterly contested in the former Yugoslav lands, and none of the tribunal’s findings has promoted reconciliation.”

The Albanian Question Looms Over the Balkans Again
by Isa Blumi
“Brussels and Washington had imposed a regime that subordinated the long-term goals of Albanians to the economic and political agendas of the Western powers.”

Will Brexit Degrade UK Environmental Policy?
by Charlotte Burns
“Britain’s approach to environmental policy fundamentally changed because of its membership in the European Union.”

Politics Shakes Up EU Governance
by Vivien A. Schmidt
“EU governance, which was long apolitical and technocratic, with disagreements handled in private and deals made behind closed doors, has become more politically charged.” Sixth in a series on ways of governing.

Perspective: Saving What We Love
by Holly Case
Protest movements undertaken on behalf of beleaguered liberal values these days are trading revolutionary aspirations for preservationist agendas.

Books: Migration and Race in Britain
by Bridget Anderson
A new book examines how a history of colonialism, racism, and class divisions spawned the hostility toward immigration that has recently dominated British politics.

The Month in Review: January 2020
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in January, country by country, day by day.

Map of Europe
by the editors of Current History

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