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February 2016

Latin America’s Elusive Public Sphere
by Philip Oxhorn
“[N]ew ideas and new actors are needed to fill the void in the region’s public sphere more than ever.” Fourth in a series on public spheres around the world.

Peace in Colombia: A Time to Believe?
by Kimberly Theidon
“Redistributive justice will be key to generating the recognition, civic trust, and social solidarity that form the foundation of a meaningful democracy …”

Mexico in the Grip of Violence
by Beatriz Magaloni and Zaira Razu
“[C]riminal groups are above the law because they have managed to capture and corrupt the state.”

A New Era of Accountability in Guatemala?
by Adriana Beltrán
“Politicians are now facing a more active citizenry that knows it can demand greater accountability from its government and mobilize in pursuit of its demands.”

Brazil in the Crucible of Crisis
by Matthew M. Taylor
“Whichever way the impeachment train rolls, the … crisis has opened new fissures in a democratic system that has been in place only since 1985.”

Perspective: The US-Cuba Thaw and Hemispheric Relations
by Michael Shifter
Washington’s policy of isolating Cuba succeeded only in alienating most of Latin America. Obama’s new course has been welcomed, though other irritants, such as US immigration policy, remain.

Books: Leviathan and the Magic Bullet
by Paulo Drinot
A new book tries to explain historical variations in the rise of the state in four Latin American countries. The author’s inclination to reduce history to data results in much of the story being left out.

The Month in Review: December 2015
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in December, country by country, day by day.

Map of Latin America
by the editors of Current History
Map of Latin America

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