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September 2017

China Gambles on Modernizing Through Urbanization
by Kristen Looney and Meg Rithmire
“[T]he plan aims for massive urbanization through the extension of formal permanent residency to current and future migrants in small cities and towns rather than large urban centers.”

China’s Corruption Crackdown: War Without End?
by Andrew Wedeman
“Xi’s crackdown on corruption has focused new attention on the much deeper issue of the relationship between power and wealth in contemporary China.”

A New President Aims to Change South Korea’s Course
by David C. Kang
“The reality is that powerful business and political clans are deeply embedded in Korean society and unlikely to disappear anytime soon.”

Vietnam’s Urgent Task: Adapting to Climate Change
by Pamela McElwee
“[O]ne-size-fits-all adaptation will not work, given the wide variety of regional impacts in Vietnam.” First in a series on climate adaptation around the world.

The Tightening Authoritarian Grip on Thailand
by Claudio Sopranzetti
“The regime’s aim is to impose an authoritarian form of order on the country’s makeshift and improvisatory everyday life and its freewheeling public sphere . . .”

Trump and the Asia-Pacific: Do the Ties Still Bind?
by Mark Beeson
“The possibility of miscalculation or accident is already high at a time when the region is undergoing major geopolitical change, and when questions about international leadership are much more unsettled than we might have guessed only a few short months ago.”

Perspective: Recovering from Disaster, Reinventing Japan?
by Susanne Klien
Civil society groups have helped meet social needs left unaddressed by the official response to the 2011 triple disaster. Their influence may be changing traditional patterns of rural neglect.

Books: Chronicles of China’s Spiritual Revival
by Robert P. Weller
A veteran journalist explores the surprisingly varied and vibrant array of religious groups that are now thriving in a country that is officially atheist but searching for something to believe in.

Four Months in Review: April-July 2017
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events from April through July, country by country, day by day.

Map of China and East Asia
by the editors of Current History

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