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May 2017

The Contentious Politics of African Urbanization
by Jeffrey W. Paller
“The prospects for sustainable urban development are embedded in larger political struggles.”

AIDS in Africa: Progress and Obstacles
by Sanyu A. Mojola
“Many African countries are still a long way from being able to sustain their own prevention and treatment efforts, and continued momentum is dependent on global funding and support.”

South Africa’s Divided Working-Class Movements
by Marcel Paret
“South Africa’s organized labor movement is now, arguably, weaker and more fragmented than at any other time in the past three decades. Disagreement over how unions should relate to the ruling party, the ANC, is central to this fragmentation.” Eighth in a series on labor relations around the world.

The Long Shadow of Genocide in Rwanda
by Susan Thomson
“Rather than addressing the trauma inflicted by genocidal violence, the ruling party has used a program of national ethnic unity and reconciliation to reinforce its political authority.”

Mali’s Enduring Crisis
by Susanna D. Wing
“The surge of resources devoted to antiterrorism has not only been ineffective. It has diverted attention from ongoing failures of the government and political elites to tackle Mali’s most challenging issues: corruption and poverty.”

Perspective: A Nigerian President’s Disappointing Return
by Ebenezer Obadare
Muhammadu Buhari, who made bold promises to clean up the political system and put the economy on a firmer footing, has dashed high expectations with his directionless leadership.

Books: Saints and Sinners in Somalia
by Ken Menkhaus
A veteran journalist’s account of the life of a colorful former mayor of Mogadishu offers insights into the complex realities of a city and a country often reduced to caricature.

Month in Review: March 2017
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in March, country by country, day by day.

Map of Africa
by the editors of Current History

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