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May 2015

The Warming Business Climate in Africa
by Scott Taylor
“With a spate of new activity and progress, perceptions of business and the role of the private sector in economic life have shifted markedly among donors, investors, and African public officials and private actors.”

Nigeria’s New Democratic Dawn?
by Brandon Kendhammer
“[W]hile the March election map shows how divided the country still is in many respects, the peaceful turnover is a chance to build a greater sense of national solidarity around democratic institutions.”

Surviving Ebola: The Epidemic and Political Legitimacy in Liberia
by Mary H. Moran
“With each promise of more foreign aid by multilateral donors, the general public assumed that the nation’s elites would grow richer while ordinary people were abandoned to die in their homes and on the streets.”

The International Criminal Court and the Making of a Kenyan President
by Gabrielle Lynch
“[T]he ICC’s intervention did not help prompt a political transition, but was instead effectively framed as an injustice and used by the defendants and their supporters to mobilize political support.”

The Varieties of Nationalism in Africa
by Sara Rich Dorman
“[N]ationalism in much of Africa continues to manifest itself in a struggle for control of the state where political institutions are unable to accommodate pressures for representation.”

Perspective: The Price of South Sudan’s Independence
by Alex de Waal
Just a few years after becoming Africa’s newest nation, South Sudan is embroiled in civil war and faces bankruptcy despite its ample oil wealth, thanks to a cynical scramble for the spoils of power.

Books: Youth and the Future of the New South Africa
by Hlonipha Mokoena
South Africa has reinvented itself repeatedly throughout its history. Now the post-apartheid “freedom generation” is searching for a way to realize its aspirations for a better life.

The Month in Review
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in March 2015, country by country, day by day.

Map of Africa
by the editors of Current History

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