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January 2019

The Hidden Power of the New Economic Sanctions
by Joy Gordon
“Recent years have seen increasing sophistication in the sanctions that do the greatest damage to critical networks or functions of a target country’s economy and infrastructure.”

Precision Medicine Needs a Cure for Inequality
by Barbara Prainsack
“This new way of thinking about health and disease has tangible implications for when and how health-care interventions are set in motion—and for how people are expected to manage their lives.”

New Middle Classes Reshape the Developing World
by Frank-Borge Wietzke
“Political conflicts can flare up when new, increasingly vocal lower-middle-income groups enter the political arena and when this threatens the advantaged positions of established middle classes.” Fifth in a series on social mobility around the world.

Can Labor Immigration Work for Refugees?
by Martin Ruhs
“New policy designs will need to have an explicit dual purpose, combining the objectives of labor migration and humanitarian protection.”

Europe and Japan Try to Stave Off Global Disorder
by Edward A. Fogarty and Gene Park
“[D]o the EU and Japan have the capabilities and resolve to save the global multilateral order—and save themselves?”

Perspective: As the Stakes Rise, Climate Action Loses Momentum
by Joshua Busby
Backsliding on the Paris Agreement by the United States and others is steering the globe down a dangerous path toward runaway climate change.

Books: Terrestrial Thinking
by Joshua Lustig
A prominent philosopher of science calls for a radical political realignment to confront the existential threat posed by the climate crisis.

The Month in Review: November 2018
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in November, country by country, day by day.

Global Refugee Numbers at an All-Time High
by the editors of Current History

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