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November 2014

The Global Legacies of World War I
by John Horne
“Although the prestige of European civilization suffered a body blow in World War I, it took most Europeans longer to realize that their continent was not the center of the world, and longer still to think of a war fought mainly in Europe as a truly global conflict.”

Rediscovering Internationalism
by Glenda Sluga
“The world ended up with a League that simultaneously normalized international government and privileged the nation-state as the normative form of political sovereignty.”

The Many Meanings of National Self-Determination
by Brad Simpson
“Self-determination lacked legal standing in international law and remained ill-defined, and was thus open to appropriation and redefinition to suit diverse needs.”

Genocidal Legacies of the Great War
by Mark Levene
“[T]he war undoubtedly acted as a major catalyst to an aspect of the modern world we have seen time and time again, namely the mobilization of ethnic groups by great powers for their own geopolitical interests.”

The Economic Consequences of the War and the Peace
by Patricia Clavin
“The modern, globalized economy had emerged with vigor and reach in the nineteenth century, but was no more a guarantor of domestic or world peace after 1918 than it had been in 1914.”

Perspective: Contingency and Catastrophe
by Sean McMeekin
Drawing analogies between the global political situation in 1914 and the present misses the point: From its outbreak to its conclusion, the Great War was defined by uncertainty and accident.

Books: Dawn of the Almighty Dollar
by Emily S. Rosenberg
A new book by Adam Tooze boldly seeks to revise the history of World War I and the interwar era. His focus on the rise of American financial power is apt, but overlooks the role of US politics.

The Month in Review: September 2014
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in September, country by country, day by day.

First Cover of Current History
by the editors of Current History
Vol.1-No.1: December 12, 1914

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