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January 2020

The Rise of Data-Driven Governance
by David Chandler
“Data-driven governance assumes the need for constant adaptation to change.” Fourth in a series on ways of governing.

The Coming of Automated Warfare
by Michael T. Klare
“The progression from semiautonomous, unarmed supply robots to fully autonomous weapons systems is likely to occur rapidly and with limited public scrutiny.”

Slums, Favelas, and Urban Villages: Housing Policy in the Global South
by Xuefei Ren
“Comparing China, India, and Brazil reveals that current housing policies in all three countries have produced new forms of exclusion for inhabitants of informal settlements.”

Solving the Oceans’ Plastic Problem
by Elizabeth Mendenhall and Eliya M. Baron Lopez
“The best set of solutions is likely to span the scale from individual to international action, and to address different points along the chain of production, consumption, and disposal.”

Tourism and Its Discontents in the Global South
by Joseph Cheer
“Rather than assuming that host communities must serve the industry, expectations should be adjusted so that tourism genuinely aligns with those communities’ own priorities.”

Perspective: Are We at a Climate Tipping Point?
by Pamela McElwee
Political leaders once again failed to commit to adequate action against climate change, but its increasingly visible impacts have galvanized citizen activists.

Books: Who Gains from Our Online Lives?
by Mary F. E. Ebeling
Two books detail how global technology giants vacuum up all the data they can get on consumers, the better to serve them on a platter to digital capitalists and colonizers.

The Month in Review: November 2019
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events in November, country by country, day by day.

Global Carbon Emissions: A Statistical Snapshot
by the editors of Current History

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