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September 2016

Can the US and China Coexist in Asia?
by Mark Beeson
“The absence of effective regional institutions means that the geopolitical competition between the United States and China is likely to play out without the constraining influence such organizations can provide…”

Migrant Workers’ Fight for Rights in China
by Anita Chan
“The workers themselves have begun demanding better labor conditions and claiming their legal entitlements. No longer as docile as they were in the past, they are emerging as an active force increasingly willing to confront employers.” First in a series on labor relations around the world.

Can Democracy Cure Myanmar’s Ethnic Conflicts?
by Mandy Sadan
“Burmese politicians of all persuasions…seem to be equally bereft of inspiration for negotiating a path to a peaceful and inclusive state in which the hopes and aspirations of non-Burman and non-Buddhist communities would be protected.”

The Specter of Neo-Authoritarianism in the Philippines
by Mark R. Thompson
“Duterte appeals to those in Philippine society yearning for the reimposition of ‘discipline’ in the spirit of the former dictator Marcos.”

Democratic Backsliding and the 
Reach of ISIS in Southeast Asia
by Joshua Kurlantzick
“Governments in Southeast Asia have adopted policies that are fueling militancy by restricting freedoms and fostering authoritarianism.”

Abe’s Faltering Efforts to Restart Japan
by Jeff Kingston
“One of the great conundrums of Abe’s second term is how he has managed to retain healthy levels of public support while polls consistently show a majority opposes every one of his signature policies…”

Perspective: The Misconceived One-Child Policy Lives On
by Mei Fong
Rules governing the size of Chinese families remain in place—and even with a recent loosening of the policy, it may be too late to avert demographic decline.

Books: Mao’s Ordinary People
by Patricia M. Thornton
The latest in a string of recent books on the Cultural Revolution focuses on the experience at the grassroots, where violent upheaval unexpectedly ended in the return of capitalism.

Four Months in Review: April-July 2016
by the editors of Current History
An international chronology of events from April through July, country by country, day by day.

Map of China and East Asia
by the editors of Current History

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